Scaling agile with Sociocracy

Scaling agile with Sociocracy We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift in both enterprise and startup culture towards agile. Yet most of the agile transformations fall short of their expected benefits: things usually improve for a while, but then stagnation or even deterioration creeps in. Agile software development is focused on delivering customer value. Governance […]


Matching a company to the whole person

Regardless of what people will tell you, trying to leave our personalities at the door is not possible. Not acknowledging who we are is not going to help with your work relationships and your performance. A job you do should be in line with who you are and what’s important to you. The following assessments […]


Transparent Salaries

What is it, who does it, and how do they do it. Transparent Salaries usually refers to a set of “objective” rules for how to calculate salaries for each employee, and those rules apply to everyone in the company. Sometimes these rules are public, sometimes even the salaries of individual employees are public, salaries can […]