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Sociocracy in a nutshell

Sociocracy[1] is a whole system approach for efficient governance[2], inclusive decision making, and the ongoing evaluation and improvement of an organisation. Sociocracy has three core values: equivalence: policy decisions are made in consent with everyone affected by that decision effectiveness: the processes and methods are in harmony with human psychology and make positive contributions (“artful […]


A framework for process evaluation

There’s many processes that advertise themselves as the path to organizational or individual enlightenment. But how can we find out if a process has a chance to fulfil that promise? I propose a simple framework that evaluate a process for a few simple criteria, and a reality check at the end for good measure. I […]

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Who is using sociocracy?

When I give presentations or workshops on sociocracy, participants ask me for examples who is using sociocracy in real life. They do like the idea, but often the myth of power structures being necessary for success of an organization makes it hard for them to accept that sociocracy can be applied in an organizational context. […]

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How vision follows the values

Often people approach me about working with their organziations to solve a particular set of problems they have: product delivery is too slow, the product has quality issues, there’s a lack of alignment between departments or branches, they complain about a lack of innovation, or they need a new team that builds a new and […]

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Organizational Values Workshop

Our personal values do not only guide our behaviour, how the groups we are with respect and reflect our values has enormous influence on our motivation and well-being. Most organizations or groups are not aware of the values they share, impeding effective collaboration and meaningful relationships between individuals with fruitless discussions that usually go nowhere […]


Scaling agile with Sociocracy

Scaling agile with Sociocracy We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift in both enterprise and startup culture towards agile. Yet most of the agile transformations fall short of their expected benefits: things usually improve for a while, but then stagnation or even deterioration creeps in. Agile software development is focused on delivering customer value. Governance […]


Matching a company to the whole person

Regardless of what people will tell you, trying to leave our personalities at the door is not possible. Not acknowledging who we are is not going to help with your work relationships and your performance. A job you do should be in line with who you are and what’s important to you. The following assessments […]


Transparent Salaries

What is it, who does it, and how do they do it. Transparent Salaries usually refers to a set of “objective” rules for how to calculate salaries for each employee, and those rules apply to everyone in the company. Sometimes these rules are public, sometimes even the salaries of individual employees are public, salaries can […]